ImageMagick versus some GUI image editor

I am not every day image editor. Usually once a month I need resize some pictures and put them in my webpage. And every time I have the same problem pictures are too big.
Ok what to do? Lets compare “window user” and “Linux user” behaivor.

Windows user:
1. Start
2. many clicks and menus to find some image editor app.
3. Quickest solution to use Paint if it has that name 🙂 Worst case to use Photoshop or something.
4. File menu -> Open file -> browse file -> …
5. Hard work with mouse.
6. Save file.

this is minimum actions 90% there will be few restarts.

Linux users:
(Every linux user has open terminal app somewhere)
1. convert pic.png -resize 600×600 pic.jpg (600 is example)

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